A Short Biography

S. Baker - 2018

S. Baker has lived in the state of California all her life. She grew up in a 1960's household of artists in Los Angeles. Baker was influenced to become an artist by her mother Nancy Walz a painter, and her mother's friends renowned L.A. artists Jan Stussy and Rico Lebrun. As a teenager

S. Baker moved with her artist mother to San Francisco. Baker often cut school to go to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. On one such afternoon as a truant in the museum, Baker met the distinguished artist Georgia O'Keeffe. The elderly O'Keeffe mentioned to Baker her drawings might be interesting as paintings. However unpredictable twists and turns governed Baker's life and detoured exhibition of her artwork. As an adult Baker became health advocate and care giver to her mother and other family members in San Francisco afflicted with surmounting health problems. Despite unrelenting health crises Baker kept her interest in art practice and art history. The world of art provided a link to her experience of illness as an existential viewpoint and the absurd manner of her life. From the San Francisco Art Institute, S. Baker has an MFA Studio Arts and MA in History and Theory of Contemporary Art.